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Highly performant realtime planning with wayRTS – the path to Industrie 4.0

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Planning and control of the entire value-added chain with user-defined level of automation

The wayRTS (Real Time Simulation) APS system from Wassermann AG offers you real time planning software (APS 4.0) for high-performance master production scheduling and control of all stages of the value chain of your organization. wayRTS makes your planning transparent and gives you the option of carrying out simple procedures with user-defined automatable planning support.

Functional advantages and technical flow

Functional advantages and technical flow of wayRTS

Through the flexible and main memory-based data structure, wayRTS enables production processes to be modeled and the seamless integration and synchronization of other value-added processes such as engineering/design, project planning, work scheduling. etc. in the preproduction phase, for instance, in real time. The same data structure is used for rough and detailed planning – there are no breaks between different planning levels. This makes wayRTS ideal for the exploitation of the business potential in your supply chain: High on-time delivery performance and productivity with market-driven throughput times and optimum throughput rates at the same time.

Visually interactive rough and detailed planning in the Planning Center

The planning situation at a glance with the Supply Chain Cockpit

Analysis and planning of the order network in the Supply Chain Navigator

The in-memory data storage enables a high planning service by wayRTS in real time, even with a very high data volume, as found in large-scale productions – in particular in multiple work processes. The efficiency in your planning team is substantially improved with wayRTS.

With the unique linking of user-defined automation, modern visualization and interactive real time planning wayRTS enables master production scheduling according to the white box APS approach: This is the linking of optimization algorithms with the practical knowledge of the planner, the transparent display of the optimization results and interactive intervention of the planner to critical planning situations. Everything is possible from automated optimization up to visually interactive planning. Independent of the individual level of automation, the planning and control costs are considerably reduced.

The functional advantages and basic technologies of wayRTS as APS 4.0 already fulfill the requirements that companies on the path towards Industry 4.0 require.

Maximum transparency in the Supply Chain Cockpit

The Supply Chain Cockpit enables the planner to grasp the planning situation at a glance and analyze it down to the smallest detail - over several aggregation levels. Individually parameterizable alert functions keep the focus on what is most essential. In addition to the logistical parameters, value and cost aspects of the planning are also evaluated.

Transparency in planning and controlling

Thanks to modern visualization and filter possibilities, wayRTS offers full transparency across the entire order network starting from the responsive performance of services. The reference to the customer order is retained at all times.
Due to excellent graphical preparation and context-sensitive scaling, the planner always has all essential information compact in view. This includes flexible and individually configurable views and dynamic filter functions (e.g. on the critical path).

Visual planning

The visualization functions create the basis for interactive planning which can be used to modify the capacities, orders and throughput times using drag & drop. Since wayRTS is real-time enabled, the effect of the interventions is made directly visible across all production steps and can be easily tracked.

Any automation

All planning steps can be automated with wayRTS, depending on the requirements within your company. From the automatic synchronization of the order network thru the automatic availability check of new customer orders by real time ATP (Available-to-Promise) and CTP (Capable-to-Promise) right up to comprehensive optimization of the entire order inventory in terms of capacities, inventories and schedules.

Scenario technique

Planning is complex. The scenario technique in wayRTS enables 'What-If' observations with the direct comparison of planning alternatives for simulation of the best possible solution. If the result is satisfactory, it can be adopted in the operative planning at the touch of a button.

Using the wayRTS scenarios it is also possible to carry out a feasibility check of the sales planning by going through various market developments and comparing them with each other, e.g. in terms of the capacity and materials required.

Quality standard of the wayRTS APS software

Wassermann AG developed wayRTS according to internationally recognized quality standards (GAMP4) and can implement this standard APS software as a validated system.


Your advantages for the processes

wayRTS offers you the following advantages:

The advantages of wayRTS

Your possible steps to your own APS system

Companies take very different approaches in choosing a system, therefore, Wassermann AG helps you at various stages in your decision-making process – choose the steps that are optimal for you:

First informationwayRTS Info Material
wayRTS Webinar
Engagement in PracticeBest PracticeOpen House
Operational and Technical FeasabilityTest Installation/Real Data Simulation

Potential Analysis / ROI Assessment


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Our Client

MEKRA Lang GmbH & Co. KG

"The way real-time scheduling solution is a critical factor in the success of the management of our strategic supply chain at Mekra Lang. This is the only way we can keep our pull / push management concepts transparent on a day-to-day basis. way has been a necessary addition to our SAP in order to visualize planning results, optimally plan production volumes and simulate production scenarios."

Volker Tichy,
Head of Logistics & Management,
Member of the Management Board,
MEKRA Lang GmbH & Co. KG