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Outlook Planner

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The scheduler for the operations planning of projects / employees / tasks

The Outlook Planner is the ideal tool for electronic resources planning in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), as an add-in to Microsoft Outlook ® / Exchange ®.

Functional characteristics and technical procedure

Functional advantages and technical procedure of the Outlook Planner

The resource planning is performed in a clearly arranged scheduler. Regardless of whether it involves personnel planning, project planning or utilization planning, the Outlook Planner can be freely and individually configured to suit your company – without programming.

Deployments / appointments / assignments can be easily coordinated in the electronic scheduler by means of drag & drop or copy/cut & paste. Multiple users can access and plan simultaneously. The status can be updated in real-time. Dissonances are reported immediately by the system and conflict solutions are offered. What's more, it is possible to set up control columns that visually display the end-to-end planning of freely definable activities.

Scheduler for a department

Scheduler for a department over a time frame of 3 weeks, with a green control column

The background of the cells is filled in their assigned categorization colors. Absence is displayed as a violet bar on the left-hand side.

By means of the direct data storage in the Outlook ® / Exchange ®, the schedules of the scheduler can be automatically synchronized and displayed as additional calendars on all mobile devices (iOS, Android) of the employees.

Outlook calendar of an employee

Outlook calendar of an employee who is planning with the Outlook Planner. To start the Outlook Planner Add-In you can use the three additional features in the ribbon bar. By entering a new appointment into the schedules, the appointment will automatically synchronize with the Outlook calendar of the affected employee. If required you are able to create particular time appointments.
Outlook Planner Add-In

The Outlook Planner Add-In enables to display more than just one row a day. You can use the corresponding arrow buttons to change the number of shown rows. If you are using the single row view and have several appointments a day, the Outlook Planner will display a red triangle. Absence is marked by a violet background color. The colors of the categories are displayed as a small indicator on the right-hand side.

Your benefits for the processes

The Outlook Planner offers you the following advantages:

The advantages of the Outlook Planner

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Outlook ® / Exchange ® is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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