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Sales planning and forecast with wayFOR

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Easy and convenient material requirements forecast thanks to auto-adaptive parameter adjustment

wayFOR enables you to precisely analyze customer consumption and to develop a reliable forecast from that. To be prepared as precisely as possible for the demand situation tomorrow means the highest possible ability to deliver with minimum capital tie-up. Together with wayRTS, wayFOR covers all requirements of a software supported S&OP process.

Functional advantages and technical flow

Functional advantages and technical flow of wayFOR

In an environment of market structures that are becoming ever more complex, you obtain maximum transparency of your sales volume development. While considering the trends, seasonal variations, statistical outliers and structural breaks, the system calculates future demand in the production process across all of the ordering activity.

As an auto-adaptive system, wayFOR independently adjusts internal parameters. It is therefore not necessary for complex statistical algorithms to be set up: wayFOR automatically takes over the time-consuming analysis of historical time series. The user, as the decision-maker at the heart of the planning process, can concentrate fully on improving the forecasts based on his knowledge and experience. Management by exception enables him to concentrate on what is truly important.

planning with wayFORplanning with wayFOR

Integrated, permanent forecast controlling enables the planning process to be subject to continuous improvement. wayFOR only requires minimal administrative and technical system effort and can be implemented very quickly. The extremely efficient software solution processes large amounts of data in the shortest possible time.

As a result of combining multi-dimensional sales planning and the most up-to-date forecasting techniques, our customers achieve forecast precision with wayFOR that enables them to significantly reduce their inventory levels, substantially improve their ability to deliver, and therefore consistently improve their profitability.

Your advantages for the processes

wayFOR offers you the following advantages:

The advantages of wayFOR

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