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Forecast planning in SAP with the Demand Designer

The Wassermann AG Demand Designer is a supplemental solution for automatically calculating the independent requirements at the item level in SAP ECC.

Functional advantages and technical flow

Functional advantages and technical flow of the Demand Designer Computation and setup of the independent requirements by the system Mapping of different forecasting methods Expanded selection options in the start screen Apportionment of the preliminary pl
Process flow for calculating the independent requirements using Demand Designer The first step is invoking the computation and selection parameters. The second step is reading the historical data. The third step is the application of the user-specific forProcess flow for calculating the independent requirements using Demand Designer

Your benefits for the processes

The Demand Designer offers you the following advantages:

The advantages of Demand Designer: Strengthening confidence in the preliminary planning process. Improving the forecast quality. Workload reduction for employees. Usage for simulations.

Strengthening confidence in the preliminary planning process: The standardized approach and comprehensible methods of the system make the preliminary planning process simple and transparent. This is the basis for an important success factor: the universal acceptance of the process in all areas.

Improving the forecast quality: The possibility to map customer-specific forecasting methods and the flexible selection parameters enable top-quality results. Thanks to the low work effort required, the independent requirements can also be more frequently recomputed.

Workload reduction: The employee can concentrate on the configuration of the system and checking the results while Demand Designer performs the computing.

Usage for simulations: The usage of planning versions enables the creation and comparison of various scenarios. These can be used, for example, as a basis for S&OP meetings and for feasibility checks.

That´s why you need the Demand Designer: Largely automated preliminary planning process. Transparent forecast results. Basis for optimizing the forecasting process.

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