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Supplier Integration with wayVMI

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Fast and simple integration of suppliers in the supply chain

wayVMI from Wassermann AG is a software module that allows you to efficiently implement pull-oriented delivery concepts such as Vendor Managed Inventory, Continuous Replenishment and the management of consignment warehouses. As a web-based communication tool, wayVMI supports the fast and simple integration of suppliers in your supply chain.

Functional advantages and technical flow

Functional advantages and technical flow of wayVMI

Exchanging information in the supply chain is accelerated, in part even automated. Even for short-term changes, the consistent transfer of information in real time to all those involved in the supply chain process is guaranteed without high communication costs. Additional warning functions alert all wayVMI users to bottlenecks at an early stage.

Transparent depiction of the whole process for all those involved and the electronic exchange of information between you and your supply chain partners via wayVMI both increase the flexibility, speed, and productivity of your company.

Web access of the supplier to order data with wayVMIWeb access of the supplier to order data with wayVMI

Your suppliers simply need web access with an Internet browser to view all the inventory and planning data they require. You decide which information to make available to help them improve the management of their processes.

Your advantages for the processes

wayVMI offers you the following advantages:

The advantages of wayVMI

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