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wayMES simplifies the production control of all steps of the value-added chain

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Efficient and convenient control of the entire value-added chain with full integration to wayRTS

wayMES is the ideal complement in order to communicate the worklists planned in wayRTS to the individual workplaces and to gather their feedback. That means entities providing a service in production always have an overview of the current target date and capacity utilization situation of their resources. If required for the overall process, preproduction areas (engineering/design, project planning, work scheduling etc.) can be integrated in the control and feedback with wayMES in the same manner.

Functional advantages and technical flow

Functional advantages and technical flow of wayMES

Production control with wayMES

wayMES is an easy and intuitive instrument for efficient communication between the planning department and internal and external service providers, such as extended workbenches, for example, or suppliers.

Communication of the worklist with wayMESCommunication of the worklist with wayMES

The integration with the wayRTS APS software enables you to control and synchronize all resources to match the current planning, thereby achieving an integrated, smooth and thoroughly synchronized workflow. All of the value-added steps are managed in real-time based on the work packages that are feasible in terms of the deadlines and capacities calculated using wayRTS.

wayMES delivers all of the key data collection functions: Employee-related actual time recording as well as sub-quantities, scrap and reworking messages. The services notified in wayMES are immediately visible in wayRTS and enable a quick response to unplanned delays. In addition, the decentralized maintenance of the current available capacity is possible directly by the person responsible for the workplace.

Your advantages for the processes

wayMES offers you the following advantages:

The advantages of wayMES

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