Transparency and sustainable security of supply in supplier management

The challenge in supplier management

The development of supplier networks shows an intensification of work division. With the increasing networking of supply chains, the susceptibility to bottlenecks also increases when there is a lack of transparency. This makes an efficient and high performance design of the process chain from the supplier to the customer necessary.

What challenges in supply management do you encounter daily in your work?

  • Ever shorter product life cycles and a wider product range increase the complexity in supplier management.
  • Non-transparent processes and unclear communication structures cause a greater risk in the security of supply.
  • Suppliers are increasingly becoming system and component suppliers, thus ensuring an intensification of the supply relationship.
  • In addition to pure supply relationships, development partnerships are increasingly coming to the forefront.

Comprehensive risk and supplier management in the product development process as well as in the series phase is therefore imperative.

The prerequisites for the security of supply of your supply chain

In order to assess the security of supply of the supply chain, process transparency and the identification of strategic suppliers are paramount in the examination.

Especially with strategic suppliers, the alignment of the processes to customer requirements plays a prominent role. As part of the supplier management system, therefore, the development of the following processes is at the focus:

The support of Wassermann AG in supplier management

1. Transparency and stabilization:

  • Analysis of the production system
  • Optimization and redesign of production planning and control as well as material requirements planning

Solutions within the framework of supplier development:

  • KPI tools
  • Coverage analysis across the entire value-added chain
  • Bottleneck monitoring

2. Safeguarding sustainability:

  • Preventive safeguarding of supplier processes
  • Introduction of organizational changes

Solutions within the framework of supplier development:

3. Continuous improvement of supplier processes

  • Establishment of a KPI-based process management system
  • Implementation of LEAN principles and qualifications of employees in manufacturing

Solutions within the framework of supplier development:

  • Operational Excellence for sustainable comprehensive organizational and process improvement
  • Optimization of IT-supported planning and control in production and a permanent reduction in inventory (by adapting the existing ERP system or introduction of real-time planning with wayRTS)

The result: Visible successes and stabilization processes in supplier management

The instant measures guarantee short-term success and stability of the processes in supplier management. You increase your security of supply and can realize optimization potential in terms of procurement costs and quality expenses together with the suppliers. In addition, stable and transparent processes in the supplier network for the expansion of your competitiveness, and thus form the basis for further growth.

Advantages for your supplier management