Optimising stocks

Sustainable stock optimisation throughout the supply chain

Securing liquidity and reducing working capital have become the most important issues for many companies. Consistent and sustainable stock optimisation is now the best opportunity for your company to create short-term liquidity and save costs.

The key to success is in the holistic inclusion of all stock types throughout the supply chain and the application of effective methods.


Sustainable stock optimisation throughout the supply chainSustainable stock optimisation throughout the supply chain

The successes of our customers - reducing the capital tie-up from stocks in a few weeks

The experience of our customers from all kinds of industries shows that it is possible to reduce stocks by 20-30% within a few weeks using the Wassermann methodology.

With the aid of the "FlexMax" strategy it is possible to reduce stocks by 30 to 50% in a period of 6-12 months. This results in a significant reduction in cost-intensive capital tie-up and a significant increase in liquidity.

Fast and secure achievement of objectives with the "quick win stock optimisation" method

With the "quick win stock optimisation" method Wassermann AG offers a comprehensive approach to reducing stocks that highlights potential for optimising liquidity in the procurement, production, planning, distribution/logistics and sales departments. All types of stock in your company such as raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, trading products, work-in-progress and consumables are analysed using check-lists with 120 points that have been developed and tested by our experienced consultants.

Reducing stocks is about more than just modifying planning parameters

The optimisation of inventories goes far beyond the usual planning parameter checks and is undertaken whilst considering the cross-departmental relationships within the company. As part of an intensive workshop, at the end of which the first immediate measures are already implemented, detailed stock monitoring and a specific action plan are set up and then implemented jointly. The approach used by Wassermann consultants corresponds to an implementation-led and sustainable method of working with a detailed focus on the liquidity management issue by the whole of a customer's organisation.

Structural reduction in working capital by consistently making your supply chain more flexible with the "FlexMax strategy"

A structural lowering of your working capital requires making your procurement, production and distribution processes more flexible.

The Wassermann "FlexMax strategy" is a tried and tested approach to identifying potential to make your supply chain more flexible and addressing it in a secure and stable manner in a short period of time. Details are often key to further flexibility here.

The FlexMax strategyThe FlexMax strategy

The creative combination of best practice methods in the various areas of your supply chain enable the implementation of significant stock savings without high investment.

Short-term transparency creates space for optimisation

Large parts of the stock are often linked into the logistic network as finished goods or service stocks. In particular for these stocks, reduction will fail due to less transparent stock management, frequently caused by a heterogeneous system environment with the use of the most varied systems from Excel to SAP. Only comprehensive transparency over all the stocks throughout the supply chain and across all storage locations and subsidiaries enables the real potential to be recognised and tackled.

In addition to sustainable methods that have been tested in practice, the efficient use of information technology is key to stock transparency. The Wassermann Inventory (WIN) System is a very simple and flexible solution for the quick capture and depiction of all the stocks in the company during a stock optimisation project.

A key advantage is the simple import of all the necessary corporate data, no matter the system used. Based on selected optimisation algorithms, the WIN solution offers a high-performance option for each article and location to determine the ideal stock level, batch size and the relevant ideal ordering time as well as the optimal safety stock - without any supply risk whatsoever.

The positive experiences of our customers are evidence of a significant reduction in working capital and the accompanying increase in liquidity after the project ends - which made them WINners in the crisis.

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Our customer

KUKA Roboter GmbH

"Within a few weeks we set up a programme for reducing inventories along the whole supply chain through the competent support of Wassermann consultants. For this, all of the inventories and inventory drivers, from raw materials to decentralised finished machines and servicing inventories are recorded in a structured way and this accompanied implementing the measures.“

Sophie Eberhardt-Wittmann,
Project Manager Inventory,
KUKA Roboter GmbH