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Operational excellence - the end-to-end value-added system

What comes after the Toyota production system? – operational excellence

The optimisation of a supply chain must focus completely on the value-added process and its internal and external interfaces. Starting from the "place of activity" where value is added, we pragmatically develop a cross-interface, end-to-end value-added system alongside you with a focus on implementation.

Operational excellence - the fitness programme for your company

Simply copying the lean methods is very much restricted to the production department and cannot be implemented 1:1 in every industry. The pure lean philosophy in many areas does not result in lean but rather in skinny. This means that performance is no longer guaranteed and optimisation within the conflict between complexity, flexibility and costs is no longer possible in a sustainable manner. The operational excellence system and the targeted use of the Wassermann efficiency-increasing programme addresses the potential hidden in the supply chain interfaces by considering the design dimensions end-to-end.

Sustainable improvement by closing the systemic gap

Many corporate departments have set up strategic objectives and established methodology competence. In order to be able to achieve sustainable improvements, the methodology competence and organisation must match the strategic objectives.

"Send the power to the road and eliminate sand in the gearbox" To close the gap between the strategic level and the methodology competence/lean philosophy basis:

  • the management culture
  • target system
  • organisation

must match the strategic objective corridor in order to ensure the sustainability of all the improvement activities. Using an operational indicator system, packets of measures are defined together with your managers in order to achieve quick improvements in the value-added process and its interfaces.

Towards sustainability using the system approach

In order to be able to secure the sustainability of the measures introduced, the organisation and management culture must be integrated into the operational excellence system and matched to the strategic objectives. By visualising the indicators in the value-added process, goal achievement can be tracked by each individual unit where it occurs.

People as the most important resource

In many companies the "improvement potential" of the human factor is reduced only to the value-added process, e.g. optimising set-up times. In our system approach the management culture, teamwork and responsibility of the employees play an important role. By defining an operational and transparent target system, combined with management development and lean training for the employees, you generate the implementation strength in your company that you need to achieve your strategic goals.

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