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What is Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)?

The goal of the Sales & Operations Planning is to bring the three most important but competing SCM goals of delivery rate, stock optimization and productivity into conformity in planning. This is an integrated business process that has the determination of the forecast as its primary goal. This provides the basis for optimum customer order processing, a demand-driven and stock-oriented materials planning and problem-free detailed planning.

What critical factors must be taken into account in the S&OP?

To enable low-maintenance and realistic S&OP planning, the individual subprocesses must be clearly defined and optimally matched to each other. From the creation of the sales plan up to fine control, there should be a consistent and continuous proven process. At the same time, the correct system support of the departments involved is necessary. The support is implemented in the ERP system or in external systems that are connected with it.

Integrated process and IT consulting in the Sales & Operations Planning

Integrated process and IT consulting in the Sales & Operations Planning

The focuses of consulting in the S&OP process of Wassermann AG

Wassermann AG has been supporting companies for 30 years in the following subjects:


Forecasting is the foundation stone of the Sales & Operations Planning. Here, the sales figures are generated, validated and released on different sales levels. In particular, attention must be paid here to high forecast quality and the unrestricted process acceptance of all those involved. Continuous monitoring and controlling are essential in achieving this.

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Reliability and rapidity is required for customer order entry. If the process takes too long, this leads to unnecessary waiting time for the customer, and potentially to the loss of orders, or even customers. If the quality of the agreed due date is not correct, this results in full warehouses and the delivery rate will suffer. The goal is a solid and durable process which takes the deadline and capacitive restrictions into account, and enables the early detection of deadline disruptions.

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The materials planning is the core of Sales & Operations Planning. If the operational structures are not optimally adapted here, then fire-fighting with high workload becomes the main task for the Material Manager. Important success factors for this are optimum MRP data adapted to the workflow and a well-considered supply concept. But a defined  daily schedule for the employees with the capacity and availability check in the production order also enable a reliable and calm order handling process.

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The detailed planning is the final step before performance of the service. In the case of insufficiently detailed planning, smooth and efficient production is not possible. In order to prevent this, shortages in production must be minimized and communication with the materials planning must be developed further. Moreover, optimum setup planning and order release as well as timely acknowledgment of the production orders play a central role.

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We can support you in the subject of S&OP with the following IT products

ERP Standard

Through in-depth knowledge in the common ERP systems, company-specific S&OP concepts can be developed. Wassermann AG has specialized in SAP ERP for customizing and for development, and offers support in almost all SCM-relevant modules.

Additional solutions

If the services of the ERP system do not fulfill the demands of the S&OP process, it can be supplemented by different product solutions from WAG.

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Individual programming

If a standard solution is not sufficient, we offer adaptations of the ERP system, enhancements to existing products or completely new developments. Together with you, our experienced IT consultants create a requirements concept for the required system solutions and then turn this over to our in-house software development department.