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Optimal production management using sustainable lean management with the Wassermann smart manufacturing method

What comes after the Toyota production system?

You have seen the initial success from lean methods and are asking how your company can be even quicker, more flexible and more cost-efficient? Or do you feel that your production departments are already set up well but there is still significant potential for improvement at the interfaces with other corporate departments? The secure and sustainable improvement to your value-added chain due to advanced lean methods enables you to fully exploit the potential of lean in your company. The Wassermann smart manufacturing method, which has proven itself in numerous projects, was developed by experienced industrial practitioners. The implementation of flexibility, throughput time and cost potential is secured by the focus on a stable and sustainable introduction.

How do you achieve the next level?

In order to reach your strategic goals and raise the overall potential of your supply chain, we have developed target-oriented methods that achieve fast and sustainable improvements using the principle of a holistic analysis.

Operational Excellence

Your company is facing massive challenges due to the economic conditions: varying demand, rising number of variants, competitive pressure and global markets. For your company's success it is essential that you do not only restrict lean methods to the production department but also check which methods in your industry and company bring the best possible success. The pure lean philosophy makes many departments "skinny" not lean. This reduces performance and sustainable optimisation within the conflict of complexity, flexibility and costs is no longer possible.

The Wassermann operational excellence method and the targeted use of the Wassermann improvement strategies address the potential hidden in the supply chain interfaces using an end-to-end view of the key design dimensions.

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Our customer

Novem Car Interior Design GmbH

"Our logistics, production and procurement managers in the plants made the right adjustments in order to implement the requirements for a low-stock production and delivery chain with the help of Wassermann consultants. The investment has really paid off."

Jürgen Theobald,
Novem Car Interior Design GmbH