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Procurement Management

Purchasing at reasonable prices is a responsibility; creating structures that provide sustainable cost advantages when procuring material is the cure.

You can expect the following from our experts:

  • Immediate price reductions in procurement: we enable you to take advantage of global procurement markets, material bundling effects, innovative types of contracts and the simplification of specifications.
  • Efficient structures: We help you create efficient structures affecting net income in purchasing by introducing tools into supplier management; development processes which integrate purchasing; product testing with value analysis; purchasing organizations based on product groups.

Confident success: Because we are so confident of our success, Wassermann AG offers you consulting fees based on the success of the project itself. Our fees are calculated entirely on the actual savings achieved.

Procurement management with WassermannProcurement management with Wassermann

Broad expertise: The foundation of project success is broad and methodological expertise in the area of purchase optimization as well as access to a pool of experts made up of specialists in various material groups, technologies and international procurement markets.

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