KYOCERA Display Hires Wassermann AG

Japanese Company with VDA-Compliant Supplier Management

Munich, Neuss, Kyoto, January 19, 2015: The process and IT consulting company Wassermann AG is now advising the Japanese LCD manufacturer KYOCERA Display on the optimization of its supplier management according to the standards of the German automobile industry. With its successes as display supplier for German automotive OEMs, KYOCERA wants to implement, document, and ensure the selection, secure the degree of maturity, and risk management of its supply chain partners with VDA-compliant processes. The Japanese company selected Wassermann AG as a consulting partner with automotive experience. For the implementation of the planned process and organizational adjustments, a series of workshops and individual projects in-house at KYOCERA Japan headquarters, its plants, and important suppliers in nearby Asian countries is planned by early summer 2015.

The occasion for the optimization of processes according to the standards of the German automobile industry was the ascent of KYOCERA to Tier 1 supplier of a German automobile manufacturer. For decades, KYOCERA Display, formerly Optrex, has been a leading supplier of small and medium-sized displays for automotive, industrial, and medical technology applications. In order to optimize cooperation with OEMs and suppliers as a Tier 1 supplier, KYOCERA hired Wassermann AG, a supply chain expert with many years' experience in supplier management for the automobile industry. The project will probably be completed in summer 2015, then there will be need-oriented support for the further project implementation.

KYOCERA Display company headquarters in Kyoto (Japan)

LC display for a combi instrument from KYOCERA Display

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